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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Dec 11, 2020

Having a good content strategy helps businesses attract an audience and create new leads. In this episode, Gert talks to Anfernee Chansamooth on how to design and create an effective content strategy. Anfernee is the Learning and Community Lead for Bean Ninjas, and also a content strategist, copywriter, and public speaker for Simple Creative Marketing. 

Also, check out the bonus resources that Anfernee has put together at It contains a free case study guide and further expands on the topics discussed in this episode.


Podcast Highlights: 

01:25 – Anfernee talks about how he got started with copywriting and content strategy and the challenges of running his first business.

11:20 – Common mistakes and misconceptions with content strategy.

21:45 – Creating your own category in the industry.

29:56 – Applying design and visual elements to content.

37:16 – Building an audience.

41:50 – Understanding buyer psychology and the importance of a clear content promotion strategy.

45:09 – Designing content strategy in line with the buyer’s journey and the customer empathy map.

53:41 – Using SEO research to match your content with user intent.

1:02:26 – Additional resources on the topics discussed at


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