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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Apr 2, 2021

The success of SEO to provide the best user experience and have fast access to a website depends on the solid technical foundation of who is running your website, someone who has a very good control and a trusted process. This is where Justin Meadows and his team at comes in as an expert to fix things up and give solid recommendations.


Podcast Highlights:

01:12 Introduction of the episode and the guest

02:39 Justin Meadows Background

04:41 Gert's experience resonates with Justin in terms of SEO and how he is on top of every project for the clients.

07:29 Justin's view on mobile user experience.

12:08 How Google became the dominant search engine until today? 

14:16 What are the core web vitals and why it is important to pay attention to this? (...What is LCP's role in website optimization and speed?) 

17:30 What are CDNs and how can it deliver great results for user experience and optimize engagement? (Cloudflare vs Stackpath)

21:02 Another core web vital the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), what does it do? 

25:10 Justin's thoughts on sites on WordPress and the issues around it.  (...What are the caching plugins he recommends?)

26:08 Integrating Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) with WordPress

27:25 Why adding more CSS and scripts into the page slows down the performance of your website? (...Which page builder does Justin recommend?)

29:48 Recap

40:20 Where to connect?

40:40 End



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