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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Sep 17, 2021

Creating engaging video content for social media is a very good marketing tool business owners are incorporating to their marketing strategies these days. It’s an effective form of marketing strategy that can lead and convert people to become ideal clients. It sets you apart from your competitors, in that you create an authority figure to yourself and business, and more importantly, you are able to build that trust relationship between your audience.  When consumers see your video, you become top of the mind and your brand sticks with them. However, creating videos is not just hit record and talk. There is a framework you must follow to ensure success of the video you created.   


Podcast Highlights:

00:01 Prologue

00:41 SEO Leverage Intro 

00:51 Welcoming Kan Huang to the show

01:56 Kan Huang's background and how he ended up in video production.  

02:59 The growth of video and its consumption through different platforms, especially on YouTube. 

04:42 What kind of industries or niches have a big use for producing content through videos?

05:38 The four steps to a Buyer's journey.

  1. Problem unaware
  2. Problem away
  3. Solution aware
  4. Brand aware


07:01 Should videos be created for each stage of the Buyer's Journey?

07:53 Before videos became popular, what strategies were used by businesses to answer their client's Problem Unaware?

10:19 The similarities of Video and SEO in the perspective of 'Search', that creates authority and establishes a trusted figure.

11:36 Aside from trust building, what other purposes does a video cover?

14:49  At what stage should a business owner look into outsourcing of the video production process or at least some parts of it, and what are the benefits of outsourcing?

17:11 The script formula or framework when creating a video content called HILDA - Hook, Introduction, Lead, Deliver, Ask.

23:03 How important is storytelling and when should we tie it to a video? (... The formula to use in storytelling - character, desire, conflict outcome.)

26:49 Three things people do not pay attention to, when creating content through 


29:23 Recap

31:48 Two parting advice from Kan Huang with regards to the right equipment and in the consistency of producing videos.

33:52 End



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