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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Dec 17, 2021

Scaling your site is an important process you must undertake if you want to 10x your business. The goal of this episode is to give you useful insight into how you can scale your website through content optimization and link building. 

Nevertheless, before we think of scaling your website, will you be even able to handle it when your business is already getting ten times as many sales? Are you prepared with personnel, servicing, infrastructure, etc.? Listening to this episode will help you prepare as you set up your business for success in the coming year.

Podcast Highlights:

00:01 Prologue

00:58 Introduction of the topic of the podcast

01:44 Scaling in SEO through content optimization. (...Some questions and ideas that can set you up for success.) 

03:54 When it comes to SEO, scaling also means links (internal and external).

05:46 How do you know if your business is ready to scale? (...What are the things to consider if you want to 10x your business?)

08:41 End



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