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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Feb 25, 2022

If you are just relying on the traffic that goes into your website for people to buy your course,  most likely you are missing out on the big opportunity to convert the traffic into someone actually buying. To even bring them into your website and have them choose to buy it at a higher price is a slim chance. 

You need to convert that traffic into new email subscribers and from there, people will know what they would gain or the logic into buying your product or course. And if you have a large following from the social media platforms where you are active, you would want to get more of those people into your email list, as well. An interesting conversation between Gert and John Ainsworth, a funnel expert, about how to 5x your conversion.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

02:11 John Ainsworth background in creating funnels and courses.

05:28 The three problematic elements where people have enough traffic, but don't convert that traffic into email subscribers.

The three simple things people can do to increase the number of their email subscribers:

06:46  No 1 - Turning off double opt in. 

09:43  No 2 - Show lead magnet more often on the site.

14:07  No 3 - Pointing to your lead magnet more often from social media platforms where you have a good number of following.

17:58  How can course creators extract better revenue from their courses, using the structure of six emails - gain, logic, fear, going, going, gone?

22:46  Recap

24:37  John Ainsworth advice when working with people to convert more traffic to their email list.  (...It's not about creating new courses or how long they have had their course.)

28:21  How can people get the most revenue from what they are offering? (...What is an order bump?)

32:28  Where can people learn to create extra revenue for their business?

33:30  End



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