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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Mar 18, 2022

A consultant, in general, is an expert on a particular field, and an SEO consultant is no different. They have expertise based on years of experience and proven methodologies working on SEO strategies for clients. It is imperative that you as a business owner and the SEO consultant you hire have mutual trust in one another. As a show of trust, you will have to implement their advice, otherwise don’t hire one at all.  

Podcast Highlights:  

00:01 Prologue 

01:08  What is the job of an SEO consultant?

01:48  Why do client's need to trust the consultants enough to implement their advice?

02:24 What can consultants do to get that trust from clients?

04:18 In what ways should a content be presented to people and what part of the site structure or social media platform should that piece of content be placed?

06:29  How can a 'Call to Action' lead to conversion?

07:38  Ending CTA and End



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