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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Mar 3, 2023

In this episode, Gert had a very informative conversation with Thomas Helfrich, the founder of, who believes that in order to convert trust and loyalty from customers, you need to deliver non-stop relevance.  

We hear so much about AI and how it encompasses even marketing automation.  Both Gert and Thomas agree on the  advantages of automation, but it should be to accelerate the tasks of humans, not replace them. There is still a need to leverage technology with human led content development, social media management, and outreach for sales development, for example in the use of email marketing. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue 

00:33 Podcast Intro 

00:43 Welcome to episode and introduction of the guest

02:07 Self introduction by Thomas Helfrich and how he landed in AI what he does.

05:13 What are the issues presented to Thomas' team when being consulted in creating content? (...What do you need to watch out for when using these technologies?)  

08:45 AI is not a replacement for humans, but what areas can we leverage AI technology?

11:18 When it comes to content creation on the marketing side of things, what kind of technologies can be used? 

13:31 When is the right time to add value to a relationship whether personal or business?

15:43 How is email marketing an effective tool? (...Why is human led, not full automation still the best for B2B?)

18:15 Why is non stop relevance important in building trust to get loyal long-term customers?

19:41 What’s Gert's preferred email automation technology that can do value sequencing?

21:43 How is tech fatigue a bigger problem in your email marketing list? 

24:44 What would be the three tools or strategies that Thomas would suggest to look into?

27:42 Gert's recap of what was talked about in the conversation with Thomas. 

29:29 What is Executive Eminence and why do you need to raise it for your messaging, your content, in your strategy, in your brand image, etc?

31:17 Where to connect with Thomas Helfrich?

31:36 End



Email Automation Tools: 

Active Campaign -

Pipedrive -


Three Tools that Thomas recommends:

Fathom -

Calendly -

Better Proposals -


Connect with Thomas Helfrich:

Website -

LinkedIn -


Connect with Gert Mellak: