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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Jun 16, 2023

It's truly disheartening to discover that despite investing in paid advertisements to raise awareness for your brand, there are other competing brands out there who are directly siphoning off your traffic, rendering your investment futile. In terms of brand searches, users have a range of alternatives, instead of specifically intending to engage with your brand.

Numerous factors contribute to this predicament. One possibility is that your brand is quite generic, leading to confusion with other similar brands. Fortunately, there are methods to address this issue and ensure that the traffic rightfully belongs to you.

Tune in to this episode where you can learn about the effectiveness of online reputation management in eliminating these traffic thieves from search results.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue 

00:35 Podcast Intro

00:45 Introduction of the episode

01:23 In what ways does people steal your traffic making your investment for paid ads go to waste? (...Why does brand awareness become a problem?)

03:23 What can be done to push the results upwards even and push the competition to page 2, 3 or further behind from your brand?

05:22 Call to Action and Closing


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