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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Jun 23, 2023

Making your business profitable can be as simple as using the seven basic levers, which a lot of business owners most often overlook and neglect to review.  Often you need somebody from the outside looking in, because business owners are engrossed with the day-to-day operations of the business. They think they are doing everything right because they cannot see the label from inside of the jar. 

One of the basic foundations of a profitable business is having the right team at the right time. If you have someone who is running a certain department, let’s say the tech side and that someone has been doing this for 10, 20 years, yet he may not have upgraded himself to learn about the latest trends. When this happens, it decreases your bottom line.  

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:28 Podcast Intro 

01:27 Seven Profit Levers that makes businesses more profitable

02:01 A quick side story of Daniel's client Michelle who needed help with increasing her profit.

04:55 How Michelle was able to more than 10x her profit using the seven profit levers all throughout?

08:06 Another story about another client of Daniel on ‘eliminating unnecessary expenses'. 

12:52 What is automating your follow-up?

15:34 For business without a product, why does one-on-one conversations make sense instead of automating follow up?

18:50 How do you leverage your profit with upsells and cross sells?

21:53 Gert's story about a client's tourism to the United States website.

22:57 When people land on your website but did not take action, will they buy or are never going to buy in the future? (...What are the two tools used in deploying remarketing?)

28:02 What is OPA, Other People's Audience and how to leverage on those?

32:41 How does building the right team help increase profits? 

38:46 The importance of going back to the basics and having a strong foundation in your business.

40:00 A recap of the conversation with Daniel Pope.

41:25 Where to connect with Daniel Pope?

43:08 End



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