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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Jun 30, 2023

This conversation of Gert with Stephan Spencer in this episode is kind of different from other episodes because of the inspiration and soul included in it. Aside from Stephan Spencer's expertise in SEO, he delved deeper into the morality of how AI is quickly integrating into the works of content creators, thus taking away the credit from the originators who created their works intuitively. 

For Stephan AI can be used for generating ideas for your content, but to have AI write your articles is like crossing a slippery slope.

Listen to this episode and be inspired by the perspectives on the best use of cross-channel SEO. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:48 Podcast Intro

00:48 Introduction of the guest, Stephan Spencer

02:54 How does Stephan leverage intentionality in the work that he does?

04:11 What brought about Spencer's change from being agnostic to being intentional?

06:27 The challenges of working with six or seven-figure brands or organizations vs billion dollar brands.

09:47 Why does Stephan like to work with small, nimble, hungry companies and leverage social platforms that actually yield SEO benefits?

13:32 How does the involvement of influencers in social media create intrigue and stir among people, and how does this impact SEO?

19:21 Google seems to not penalize links anymore - how do they even know when a penalty or algorithmic adjustments are even happening? 

21:44 Link building is going to be important again with the onset of AI getting more advanced.

24:38 How is Google going to respond to AI generated content?  (..Where is the credit to the originators who actually created their content intuitively?) 

27:08 Expectations with Chat GPT and other AI tools. (...The thin line of inspiration and theft.)

29:11 What Stephan thinks about the future of AI, the dead internet theory which means that most of the internet is fake.

33:03 Who are the three audiences that you write for? (...What is a curiosity gap and why is this style of writing hard to accomplish?)

37:50 Balancing quality and quantity: How to tap into that universal intelligence and create an article that is remarkable?

39:17 Why does Stephan not spend time on Facebook and even deleted the app from his phone? (...Why does he think that FOMO is part of an illusion?)

41:27 Where to connect with Stephan Spencer?

41:55 End



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