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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

May 10, 2024

Designing dashboards have different criterias and it's different for companies or freelancers, whether they have 25 people or 1000 people. What is important is focusing on the metrics or KPIs that will drive actionable items for decision making.

This episode of SEO Leverage provides a whole new perspective into dashboards with the conversation between Gert and Feliks Golengko on the significance of actionable dashboards and reports in providing data over performance, potential areas for improvement and deeper analysis and optimization.

This is a must listen episode, especially for those who find it a challenge to use Google Analytics and other tools. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:48 Podcast INTRO

00:58 Introduction to the podcast episode topic and the guest

02:29 Feliks Golengko's journey into becoming a dashboard and data analysis specialist.

04:25 Data collection and analysis for decision-making in business (...Two components of data preparation)

06:31 Why is it important to check into dashboards? (...The importance of KPIs in business decisions and monitoring of performance.)

09:52 What does it look like to look into KPIs potential on business performance? (...How do we choose the KPIs that need to be monitored?)

13:35 How can we say that a dashboard is well-designed? (...What is the primary focus of the design process?)

17:11 Dashboards and reports are tools for decision making and monitoring to motivate on improving the business.

21:16 What is a data story? (...The two basic design principles of a dashboard.)

24:33 When should a freelancer or a company consider having a dashboard? (...What are the criteria to consider?)

27:27 The challenges with relying mostly on Google Analytics, but not really choosing the right metrics or KPIs. 

35:08 Felik's three major steps for  businesses regardless of size when looking into dashboards and hiring an expert. 

38:15 Felik's offer for free dashboard design sessions per month for SMEs, in exchange for case studies.

39:27 End


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