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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Dec 25, 2020

If you are just starting out, or don't have the budget to spend on ads, or don't yet have the domain authority to bring your website on the first page, working with third-party sites is the best option to build brand visibility. To give more insight into this new way to approach search engine strategy, Gert is going to talk to Chris Dickey of Listen and see how you can start measuring your search engine visibility today.


Podcast Highlights: 

00:00 Prologue

01:14  Welcoming of guest, Chris Dickey

02:13  Introduction of self and his background

05:17  Why it is important for your brand or service to be seen everywhere, to be seen multiple times in the search?

13:57  If you are just starting out or on a low budget, how do you drive search visibility working with third party sites and who are the people you need to talk to? 

17:13 How does the Visably software allow its clients to focus on their targetting or narrow their focus on what really matters? 

22:18  How does the Visably PR tool help in managing your brand visibility in search and what is the Visably score all about?

28:03  How can Visably help in terms of knowing your performance in the E-commerce landing pages and affiliates?

30:15  At what stage do people start looking into using Visably strategy to leverage via third-party sites?

41:00  Rolling out of the Visably Pro (Enterprise Level Software) in January 2021 and what are we going to expect from it?

43:52   Where to Connect with Chris Dickey?

45:00 End


Connect with Chris Dickey: