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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Dec 22, 2021

Getting people who would be a likely fit for your website and making them realize that is relevant to them is really very hard to do. Consumers these days are increasingly choosing businesses based on their experiences with them and in order to maintain search rankings, you’ll need to focus on user experience.

The conversation between Gert Mellak and Quinn Zeda in this episode will show website owners and business owners that with User Testing, they can emulate user experience and do something about it at a fraction of the cost.  


Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

01:28 Introduction of the topic with guest, User Tracking Expert, Quinn Zeda

02:00 How Quinn Zeda and Gert Mellak got connected?

01:27 A backgrounder of Quinn Zeda and how the pandemic led to her to launch Conversion Crimes?

06:10 Gert Mellak's user experience on the testing platform of Quinn. (...Why do people get sidetracked when on a certain page of a website when it's not what they came for?)

09:18 When should a business or website owner consider user testing for their website?

12:32 Testing regularly and keeping track of other outside factors, such as technological developments, are important.

14:50 How does Quinn find people to do the user testing process and what kind of training do they undergo to onboard them into the platform?

21:44 Gert Mellak's similar experience in testing e-commerce sites for clients and doing reputation management.

27:07 What can a user do to find out if the testing they are doing is going to yield helpful results?

29:13 If you want to see statistical significance or patterns, how many tests should be run ideally?

33:26 Quinn's thoughts on redesigning or redoing a website after the testing has been conducted.

34:40 Recap by Gert Mellak on the things learned from the episode.

37:55 Where to Connect with Quinn Zeda

38:28 End



Book mentioned by Quinn Zeda:

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear


The ERICA SEO Framework:


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On Twitter and Instagram: @quinnzeda



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