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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Sep 16, 2022

Growing your SaaS business with SEO isn’t a simple thing.  It’s not like you just push a button and you expect that the content you created will rank first immediately.  It really does not happen overnight. It’s really about bringing value, forging relationships, the goodwill you build with your audience over time and finding the product market fit. 

Valuable insights here from the conversation of Gert with Kevin Sahin from, a company that specializes in web scraping. When your clients are tech savvy or more of the developers, you have to take caution in making sales pitches because they hate marketing. When you're doing content marketing targeted at developers, forget about all the conversion rates. You only get to them by providing value. That’s value, value, value! Think of your Saas business as a long term game.  Of course, there will be challenges and failures but you just have to be consistent and enjoy the process. 

 Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:35 Podcast Intro

00:45 Introduction of the episode and the guest

01:56 Kevin Sahin journey, from being in corporate to startups, then in SEO.

06:31 Kevin's journey into web scraping, the challenges and failures and how they eventually launched

13:14 How did Kevin and their company ScrapingBee get their first clients?

16:26 Since Kevin started with building blogs, how did he create the blogs so that it ranked? (...How did he start to learn SEO and implement it?)

22:28 Gert's personal theory on how Google takes signals and ranks a content as something good and with authority. 

25:19 What else is important to consider when doing content for tech-savvy audiences? (...Why is it that any marketing tricks or optimization techniques are not received well by developers?)

32:00 Kevin's advice to people who would like to grow their SAAS business through SEO or content marketing.

35:23 Gert recapping the conversation with Kevin Sahin and the importance of having a long-term view in SEO.

37:39 Where would listeners find the episode and the link to the Ahrefs course. 

38:23 End



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