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Feb 10, 2023

Have you heard about Audio Summits? If this is the first time you heard about it, you will be excited by this game changer format of having a summit or a conference from a totally different perspective. It does not require a commitment for an audience to be at the summit at a particular set time, it respects your time and you can participate on it on the go. There's more to it than being a lead magnets and for sure, you'll be hooked, especially when you are often invited to be a speaker on summits.  

In this episode, Gert had an expert on the show in creating Audio Summits in the person of Anke Hermann, an international speaker, author and award winning trainer and facilitator. Listen to this episode and learn why Audio Summit is going to be the next big thing.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:47 Introduction of the episode and the guest

01:27 How Gert and Anke hit it off with so many things in common with them?

02:06 Why does Anke not like the way existing summits are being pitched in, even though it is free in terms of money? (...Why does she think their concept does not work?)

07:03 What is an Audio Summit, why is it different from a video summit?

12:46 Why is Audio Summit going to be a game changer? (...What does it offer that traditional summits don't have?)

17:22 What does the tech part look like in running an Audio Summit and what else is needed? (...What is the process for creating an Audio Summit?)

21:26 What is wrong with people thinking summits are lead magnets? (...What is the third process that needs to be managed?)

27:05 A recap from Gert on the points raised by Anke on the processes of creating an Audio Summit.

29:22 Where does Anke promote her Summit? 

31:57 How long will the summit content or audio be accessible to those who signed up? 

33:43 Where to connect with Anke Hermann?

34:30 End



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Book of Anke Hermann - Taming the Monsters: How to Rise Above Tech Frustration and Build Your Business Online With Joy and Confidence

Connect with Anke Hermann:



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