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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Feb 12, 2021

Google core algorithm is based on links but when toxic and nasty links get into your site, it is very painful. When there’s a problematic link attack from either your competitors or from automated schemes like the globe spam, you get penalized for it. If you think that Google’s penalty is painful, think about the pain of getting your website off the list of the virus program distributors. In this episode of SEO Leverage podcast, we got to talk with Christoph Cemper who will give us insights on how Google is doing something about such links and what tools can you use to disavow harmful links.  


Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

01:06  Introduction of the podcast topic

02:01 The background of Christoph Cemper and how did he start on the link research tool?

06:47 The key innovation that Google had recently that sets them apart from the other search engines. (...Google core algorithm is based on links.)

13:04 Why is Google saying that ranking without links is really, really hard? (...Links  drive rankings.)

16:30 How are filters affecting search results and what about penalties as filters? 

17:49 The difference of social media, e.g. Facebook, in terms of organic ranking, with that of Google. 

20:12 What is the impact of Google algorithm updates on how Google treats ‘no follow’ tags or indexing?

26:04 What makes a link harmful and what to do about it? (... What is the new tool that has been moved by Google to the Search Console?)

32:28 What are examples of a problematic link attack that you can get on your site?

38:01 How do we know that we are being penalized and how does Google implement this? (...What do we need to be cautious about?)

47:06 Christoph’s thoughts on Google’s maintenance of brands being mentioned but not linked.  

51:16 Wrap up, summary of the conversation

52:46 End



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