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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Jul 22, 2022

Whether you are employed or a business owner, you have a brand, whether it is in the analog or digital form, you have a personal brand. It is really important that your messaging is consistent with your core values, that you are sensitive to what your clients’ and customers’ needs and meet them where they’re at.  When you nurture your relationships with them, they will always come back to you, whether it is for their current needs and future needs.  

Branding is actually walking the talk.  For example, when your business is in body and mental health, you have to make sure that you bring the same messaging in how you carry yourself through the challenges.  You cannot be advocating mental health but here you are driving your team crazy with heavy workloads and even asking them to work overtime for free. There is such a thing as Emotional Intelligence and when used correctly can give so much potential for your business.  Emotional triggers as a tool for marketing campaigns are okay as long as they are ethical. 

An extremely interesting conversation between Gert and his guest, Cristina Alda who is a brand strategy consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and mentor. She offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. 

Listen to the very end of this podcast episode and learn how to build connections and carry on with your personal brand.  Enjoy!

 Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue

02:48  Cristina Aldan's background and journey to what she is doing now. (...How she evolved from chemical engineering, to ecology to tech and now building websites and creating brand strategies for people?)

09:02  Why is it important for people in business to focus on their values and be consistent with their messaging?

10:10  What does branding really mean? (...How does that translate to you as an individual or as part of the company?)

12:19  Is branding going to be visual or will this go beyond just visuals? (...Where do you actually start when creating a brand strategy?)

17:03  Why Cristina does not do blueprint programs and the like, and instead focuses more on the uniqueness of clients? 

18:47  How Gert's team do their work in alignment to their core value of connection and communication?

20:36  What should Emotional Intelligence be focused on? (... When are emotional triggers okay as a brand strategy?)

23:55  Why is it important to recharge? (...How do introverts and extroverts recharge before interacting with people?)

27:40  In what ways can we use emotional intelligence to connect better with our team and with our clients?

29:19  How can we communicate across multiple channels, across different cultures but still maintain the same messaging?

32:58  Clients and customers appreciate it more when businesses across all industries live it up to their core values of being authentic and integrity.

35:41  What is the biggest difference between the mental health challenges people are facing today?

37:24  What are the four buckets for emotional intelligence? (...How important are self-awareness and self-management?)

39:36  A recap of Gert's conversation with Cristina.

42:20  Where to Connect with Cristina Aldan?

42:51  End

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