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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Sep 9, 2022

When creating a content, you need to consider putting out visuals, those with elaborated images, perhaps including tables and the writer’s profile, as well. You also would need a caption that says something about the picture and if you’re selling something, what’s the benefit of buying it, right? 

As Katrina McKinnon said in this conversation with Gert, there is power in creative story-telling and enhancing the reader's experience through interesting visual elements. She truly believes that you've got more chances of keeping your readers on the website, if your article looks beautiful, if it looks visually interesting. Content is King, but creativity is Queen. 

Podcast Highlights: 

00:01 Prologue

01:02 Podcast Intro

01:12 Introduction of the topic and guest, Katrina McKinnon

02:08 How Katrina came into the niche of content creation and was she able to create her company CopySmiths?

07:54 How does Katrina feel about Google's Helpful Content Update?

11:51 Why are visual images very helpful in content creation? (...What are some of the things you can do to make your content more helpful for user experience?)

17:29 What course of action did Katrina do in order to get a higher click through rate percentage for a client? (...Why is it that  people are also clicking on links?)

21:56 Why is it important to include testimonials in your articles? 

24:07 Gert's opinion on AI in terms of user friendly experience and what Google is missing on, but ranks them anyway. 

28:25 What will give more chances to readers reading your article? (...Why is it important to add the writer profile on the article?)

30:31 Especially on mobile phones, what would make users read your article instead of swiping back to search for another article?

32:39 Why is it important to summarize in the first 25 words of an article and add a qualifying statement for the article and repeat that in the sub headings?

35:02 What is the reason Gert believes Google was better off not announcing Helpful Content Update at all?

36:07 Katrina's own reservations on how Google is able to tolerate bad and junky websites. 

39:00 Gert recaps the conversation with Katrina.

41:11 Katrina's final statement on the conversation.

42:00 Where to connect with Katrina McKinnon?

42:17 End


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