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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Feb 24, 2023

For content creators, coaches, writers or similar service-based businesses, Intellectual Property protection is, more often than not, neglected or they probably do not have first-hand information of its importance.  Intellectual Property is your business and you need to protect it!  

The second piece that is highly important is Privacy Policy and from what Heather Pearce Campbell said, the guest of Gert in this episode, you cannot have a business and be online without it in place.  Heather is the founder of Pearce Law PLLC and she helps entrepreneurs protect their brands and provide legal support and legal information. 

This is an eye-opener episode for business owners not to neglect this very important step in their business - having that protection in place at the very start. 

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:27 Podcast Intro 

00:41 Welcome to the episode and introduction of the guest

02:19 What was Heather's most challenging case she has worked on?

05:41 Why can't you not expect that people won't have the same standard as you do? (...What is the root cause of some business owner's legal challenges?)

07:26 What is an IP, what does it actually entail? 

10:06 How can people understand the protections that go along with IP?

15:02 Is there a difference when someone puts in a tick mark on a check box with a service business where there is a signed agreement? 

17:55 Some examples Gert shared when signing Terms of Purchase and his own experience signing documents for an international corporation, when he was still a freelancer.

20:00 For online course creators, what kind of legal terms should be used? (...Why is timing an important issue based on a legal perspective?)  

22:28 What are the things that you need to outline in the terms of purchase that will protect you? (...What is the difference between Website Terms and Conditions and Terms of Purchase?)

24:22 Why do you need to have a privacy policy in place?

26:07 As part of website protection, why is it important that there is disclosure of Terms of Purchase?

29:03 What are the risks with not protecting your brand and how can you go about protecting your brand?

33:33 Why is it important to analyze your audience, what countries will you reach out for your brand?

35:46 Gert's recap of everything that was discussed in Episode 97

36:54 Where to connect with Heather Pearce Campbell?

38:22 End

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