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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Dec 1, 2023

Frequently, business owners encounter budget constraints when deciding whether to hire an in-house marketing professional or opt for marketing services based on their specific business needs. Additionally, there is a common misconception that marketing and sales functions are identical, even though they are two distinct aspects.

In this episode, Gert has engaged in a conversation with Stevie V. Brown, an expert from a marketing agency, to explore the cost-related benefits of hiring a marketing agency with access to a global team of specialists. Creating a successful marketing strategy for your business doesn't yield instant results, emphasizing the need for commitment and accountability on the part of business owners. If you're a business owner facing the dilemma of choosing between hiring for in-house marketing positions and working with agencies, this episode is essential to listen to.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:41 Podcast INTRO

00:51 Introduction of the episode and the guest

02:10 What is ‘The Care Factor Fix' all about? (...What are the four pillars of marketing services?)

03:47 Commitment on the marketing process from both sides, the business owner and the provider.

05:24 The Accountability Phase of the marketing process. (...Sales vs Marketing)

07:01 Why do business owners have to be realistic about timeframes and budgets?

08:02 How can business owners be engaged in the right way and understand how marketing providers do their job? (...And how engagement works both ways?)

11:21 The wrong marketing mindset and the lack of commitment from business owners.

14:37 Client engagement and marketing strategy at SEO Leverage

17:43 The importance of the on-boarding process.

20:47 In-house marketing versus outsourced marketing, which is better and costs less?

25:23 Ideal hiring for different marketing functions with one generalist that has access to a team of experts.

29:19 What is the first thing to think about when planning a marketing strategy for your business?

33:46 Marketing strategies, metrics and expectations for timeframes and results. (...Why is marketing not sales?)

39:27 Overnight success is not really overnight, it may take years.

46:33 Recap

42:33 Where to connect with Stevie Brown?

43:39 End



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