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SEOLeverage - The SEO Podcast for Online Business Owners

Oct 29, 2020

Why the small fish first? It actually makes sense to go after smaller, lower search volume terms first. 

The same way when you go fishing, you try to fish a smaller fish first and use it as a bait for the bigger one.

Today, Gert talks about strategies we can do after catching the small fish and how to turn it into the big fish! 


Podcast Highlights: 

00:12 - Taking the main keyword into consideration

00:28 - Importance of keyword research 

01:16 - Rank for a high search volume term in your niche

01:53 - The small fish first

02:25 - What to do after catching the small fish

03:44 - Outro 

04:22 - End



[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to episode number three of the podcast. My name is Gert Mellak, and today we are going to talk about fish. 

[00:00:11] When it comes to SEO, you should take into consideration what the search volume of a search term is. So very often we know what the main keyword is we want to rank for, but we are not exactly sure how many people really search for this keyword.

[00:00:28] We want to do a keyword research or have someone who knows their trade to create a keyword research for us and what the keyword research is going to give us is a list of terms that are actually searched by users on Google, for example. And it's also, if it's done in a decent way, you're going to give us an estimation on the search volume. Which is going to tell us how many searches are performed for this keyword. So if someone searches [00:01:00] for online coating, they are going to be a few thousand searches in a determined area for this term. It makes a difference if you go after a ranking for a high search volume term or a low search volume term.

[00:01:16] When the term or keyword or query doesn't get searched for very often, it's less competitive and it's usually easier to get a ranking for that term than for a very specific and general one with the highest search volume. As an example, trying to rank for online business coaching in Ohio is definitely going to be easier than trying to rank for online business coaching.  Obviously, ultimately, you want to rank for a high search volume term in your niche.

[00:01:53] However, it might make sense to go after smaller, lower search volume terms first. The same way as you sometimes when you go fishing, you try to fish a smaller fish first and use it as a bait for the bigger one.  On the website, you would still create a main pillar content targeting the highest search volume term first, but don't expect to rank it right away.

[00:02:25] What you want to do is, afterwards, create a lot of pieces of content, a lot of articles around this main pillar content targeting, lower search volume terms you might be eligible to rank for. And over time, then aim at the big fish at getting your pillar content ranking. As action steps for this episode, I would encourage you to check your site and identify your desired keywords or get an SEO consultant or SEO agency to help you with this.

[00:03:00] And then think about which smaller fish you could go after first. So there might be questions, there might be sub topics or specific angles about this topic you could write about. And all of those are going to build your authority in this space in Google's eyes.

[00:03:15] So the more high quality content you have covering all kinds of aspects of this topic. When you structure your site well is going to make sure your brand gets more and more recognition in Google's eyes in this field, in this industry or for this topic. And slowly you can then go after bigger and bigger fish and make sure you're going to end up cutting the big one.

[00:03:44] Thank you so much for listening to this show. If you think this is helpful for someone who is building a website or trying to make SEO work for them, please forward them this episode, send them a link, point them to iTunes, to Spotify, to Stitcher, to SoundCloud, wherever they want to listen to this show.

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[00:04:22] Thank you very much.